Stokestock 2011 / Battle for the Belt 4 Results

by Scot

We have to first thank everyone who came out and participated this year and all the people that helped to make Stokestock a huge success for the second year in a row. We had a rider list over 25 riders long and saw some serious shredding behind the boat as well as the System 2.0. Rider crews came from all over the mid west as far as Ohio to compete in the event! Below is a breakdown of how the action went down as well as the standing for Battle for the Belt points race.


1st – Kyra Marks
2nd – Molly Denison

1st – Zack Devrise
2nd – Trent Broursma
3rd – Kade Kotlarz
4th – Jake Denison
5th – Kyler Wells
6th – Eric Stark
7th – Brendon Thiboedau
8th – Andrew H
9th – Adam Glasser

1st – Brad Glasser
2nd – Nick Mechigan
3rd – Bruce Jesionowski

1st – Cole
2nd – Thomas B
3rd – Ryan Bezemek
4th – Mickey Blum
5th – Zack
6th – Steve Jezinowski
7th – Derek


1st – Brandon Coy
2nd – Mickey
3rd – Nick
4th – Tom B
5th – Zack
6th – Steve J
7th – Tom

August 28 – Boat and Cable – Boat divisions: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Cable divisions: Intermediate and Advanced. Wakeskate
September 17 – Cable and Big Air – Cable divisions: Intermediate and Advanced. Wakeskate Big Air divisions: Intermediate and Advanced.

Girls are invited to participate in any division! Cash and Prizes will be awarded at each event.
Register at Placid Wake Park or call Placid Wake Park at 616-892-9253 for more info!

“The Battle”
Points are accumulated in each division over the year for the belt as well as individual contest podium winnings. At the end of the year a champion in each division will be won. The rider with the all around most acunmulated points in any division through out the year will be belted the champion!

1st – 300 points
2nd – 225
3rd – 175
4th – 125
5th – 100
6th- 100
7th – 75
8th – 50
9th – 50
10th – 50

Go to for more Photos of the contest and new Placid updates daily.

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