State Games Of Michigan – Results!

By Scot & Deana

This is the 3rd year we have hosted the Meijer State Games of Michigan! We are always excited to be a part of such an awesome event for Michigan athletes, especially one that honors wakeboarding. Thank you to all the riders, friends & family who came out today. Special thank you to Action Water Sports for helping judge and drive for the boat contest. Great way to kick off the 2014 summer contests! Battle for the Belt Round 1 is coming up next weekend, Saturday 6/28!

State Games Of Michigan 6/22/14 Cable & Boat Contest Results
1 (2)Boat: Novice

Gold-Zach Herrema

Silver-Mitch Huizen

Bronze-Cole Buller







2Boat: Intermediate

Gold-Shannon Sahinbas

Silver-Sonny Sullivan

Bronze- Jess Reed

4th-Came Thomson

5th-Brendon Thibodeau

6th-Andrew Haverdink




3Boat: Advanced

Gold-Ben Herrema

Silver- Nick Dykman

Bronze-Adam Marks

4th- Trent Bruursema

5th-Logan Vandenhuvel





4 (2)Cable: Novice

Gold-Shane Edgerton

Silver-Mitch Huizen

Bronze-Fletcher Huberts

4th-Cam Thomson

5th- Shannon Sahinbas

6th-Zach Herrema




5Cable: Intermediate

Gold-Sonny Sullivan

Silver-Brendon Thibodeau

Bronze- Andrew Haverdink

4th- Zack Barcheski

5th- Kyler Wells





6 (2)Cable: Advanced

Gold-Adam Marks

Silver-Kade Kotlarz

Bronze- Caleb Cuneo

4th- Logan Vandenhuvel

5th- Trent Bruursema

6th- Steven Lee